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Indian food is a diverse and extraordinary one, reflecting a complex layering of cultures through history and based on religious beliefs, geography, climate and availability of ingredients.

  • Welcome to Akshaya’s Kitchen,Food is profoundly linked to everything important in life; our health, our sense of wellbeing, to those we love and the very world around us. Surrounded by fast food and junk food and supermarkets, it’s easy to lose the significance of food. It’s just there, available, sometimes nicer than others, easily thrown away if we don’t like it. But food not only replenishes us, it interprets our world for us. When we feel healthy, nourished and cared for, when what we eat excites us, life is better. We’re actually happier. Instead of stressing about what’s ahead or behind us, we stop to enjoy what’s happening now. Food brings life to us, teaches us to enjoy life.Food has great power, too. Through food, we can reach out to people and demonstrate their importance in our life. When we make food beautiful, when we give a person something that is a true pleasure to eat, we perform an act of love.
  • Akshaya's Kitchen is an entertainment brand dedicated to today's passionate food lovers. I love cooking always as it is kind of art.
  • I have a habit of watching my mom and my aunties cooking from beginning and I always make new recipes for my family whenever I get time.
  • I learned a lot of traditional recipes from my grandma. The motive of our channel is to share all the recipes to you so that you can enjoy the taste of traditional recipes of Tamilnadu
  • For new cooks and cooks new to Indian veg and non-vegetarian cooking, the combination of video tutorials will make it easier for you to understand the fundamentals in cooking south Indian dishes.
  • Even experienced chefs will pick up new techniques that will make cooking easier and more flavorful. Indian cooking is not complicated and we will show you creative variations that you can experiment with. Half the fun of cooking is experimenting, so give it a try and make these non-vegetarian dishes uniquely your own!
  • For Food People, By Food People
  • Akshaya's Kitchen is the answer to a growing hunger for more content devoted to food and cooking in every dimensions of South India.
  • Best and the top most taste.
  • We provide you all the recipes of South Indian veg and non veg dishes with amazing Taste
  • Purpose of our youTube channel is to share all the recipes which I know and learnt to new cooks and people who live away from their home and cooking themself.
  • Cooking becomes easy after watching our video tutorials
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